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When you’re in the market for a new credit card, sifting through all of the options can get a little overwhelming. Various and sundry reward offers, low APRs and cash back are just some of the factors to choose from. The Discover ‘it’ Card offers several different options with a 0% APR that can make this credit card an easy choice.

apr1Discover is a very clear cut brand, so you don’t have to decipher too much legalese before deciding if one of their cards is best for you. The Discover ‘it’ card offers a limited time 0% APR on purchases and balance transfers. This introductory APR expires after 12 months. What your new interest rate will be depends on your credit history. Applicants with excellent credit scores can expect a new APR of 11.24%. Applicants with a rough credit history will be offered an APR of 23.24%. These details will be outlined in the offer you receive if you are accepted. There is no annual fee and no per purchase fee, but if you opt to transfer higher interest loans or credit cards, you will be charged a fee equal to 3% of the transfer amount.

Once you have your new card, you will receive 1% cash back for every purchase you make. Your cumulative cash back reward will appear on your statement each month and you will have the option of applying it to your payment or receiving a cash payout.

One service that comes with your new Discover card is the unique Freeze It option. If you misplace your card, instead of having to cancel it immediately, you can request that Discover freeze the account. Nobody will be able to use it, but you’ll have time to try and find it before requesting a new card. This is a useful feature for cardholders who are using their Discover card to auto pay various bills. As long as you find your card, you won’t have to hassle with updating all of those accounts.

discoveritDiscover will monitor your card activity and alert you if anything looks suspicious. Be sure to let them know if you are traveling, so that they don’t lock your card when you try to use it outside your usual radius. In the event that your card information is stolen and used for an unauthorized purchase, Discover will not hold you responsible for the fraudulent balance.

Through your Discover card dashboard, you will have access to your FICO credit score as calculated by Trans Union. You’ll be able to monitor your credit rating and easily detect if anything suspicious has been happening with your information.

As credit card companies go, Discover is a very customer service oriented operation. You will have 24 hour a day access via phone and online chat. The website is easy to navigate, so whether you want to request a credit line increase or revisit the terms of your account, Discover will be there to help you.